Colour Pairings – let’s look at Green

In this post I’m going to look at COLOUR PAIRINGS.

What goes well with GREEN?
What makes these greens work in the gorgeous lifestyle images from Little Greene shown below?
Fancy some wallpaper with this?


This ‘grey-green’ wall colour is perfect for an understated, liveable backdrop in this beautiful kitchen

Paired here with soft white and natural finishes

The chrome cooker and hood sit quietly, whilst the pop of brass provided by the coffee pot acts as a lively counterpoint. Add to that marble and a lush woodgrain on the cabinetry and the balance is perfect

Potted herbs will work beautifully against this paint colour

Chalky finishes for ceramics contribute to the textural feel of this room set and charred wood boards add some definition

Stone colours would also work well in this pared back scenario



Normandy Grey


Slaked Lime-Mid 



The top green of 2023 is predicted to be SAGE

With it’s calm persona bringing the outside in, it’s a very easy to live with colour

Set sage against rattan and mixed wood grains to bring out it’s soft side and add to the tranquil feel of your interior

Add plenty of greenery and texture – here a textured rug grounds the scheme and pairs well with the textured rattan pendant shade and rattan plant basket

A touch of brown and caramel in the East German vintage vases ties with the mix of wood tones used 

Going to the dark side for the table creates a strong focus providing a spot for the eye to land, and this is also taken up in the angular jug

If you want to add some guts go darker with your sage and bring in brass finishes to add richness to your scheme

Pair with Navy to enhance and add a bold grown-up counterpoint or with a pop of peachy pink for a fun upbeat scheme



Sage Green



Royal Navy

Shrimp Pink

Fancy some wallpaper with this?

fancy some wallpaper with this?

zing it up with citrine:

If you favour yellow tones in your green, look no further than this image

This is where a good quality paint really shows its true colours in the depth of pigment on show

If opting for a bolder shade, keep the rest simple

Here woodwork and ceiling are kept white to add contrast which is taken through to the white pop of the lampshade

A little pop of blue is rather unexpected though lovely – a good example of how playing in pops of unexpected colour can really lift a scheme

A less permanent way to bring such pops of colour into a hallway scheme would be via flower displays. Imagine a vase of cornflowers against this backdrop…




old school blue

dark brunswick green

escape to the forest:

How gorgeous is this dark forest green ceiling and skirting? It frames the stunning wallpaper and stops the paper from appearing too busy overall

Very clever. As is the fresh contrasting pop of pea green on the fire surround

Nothing in this room is an exact match (look at the rug closely) yet it all works together to create a beautiful room

A pale cream on the window and flooring in addition to the gorgeous hug of a chair also adds contrast. A perfect lesson in balance




tuscan red

fancy some wallpaper with this?

fancy some wallpaper with this?

dare to be different:

Oh my! Let’s end on a bold note!

Look what a difference a strong colour pairing makes to each colour, making them pop even more individually

The strong pink is echoed in the Ourain rug but elsewhere the pink has been scaled back to softer lilac tones and even a sugar pink on the sofa cushion

The key to using these strong hues and making them work in tandem is by bringing them all together in one place somewhere in your scheme. Here this is achieved using an artwork – the perfect place Even the picture frame colour is teased out into another rug on the floor

A deep dark green window frame and skirting contrast and martial the stronger colours into line – Colour alchemy





lamp black wall

My personal favourite at the moment is a warm pink set against emerald. There’s something inviting, fresh, yet familiar about this particular colour combo that puts a smile on my face 


WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE? Message me and let me know!