Designing in a time of Covid

Well it’s 2021

We should feel refreshed after the Christmas ‘break’ – right?



Yes you saw right – acceptance

This is my keyword for 2021. And when I feel myself thinking less than charitable thoughts about the year ahead I tell myself to breathe, think calm, think A-C-C-E-P-T-A-N-C-E

Exciting new design projects can still be exciting

They will have to be tailored to fit the new normal of course, meaning no ‘home’ visits

So how do you design a home when you can’t fully inhabit it? same as always –

get to know your client and their design needs

by using the tools available to you.That’s it – simple!

Of course this means continuing to embrace my words from 2020 – adaptability and flexibility

As designers we are creative problem solvers

There is always a solution. There is no ‘perfect’ solution, compromise of some sort is always a part of it, but, equally, there is a way forward – always

So, let’s accept and then dive into 2021 together. I’m ready when you are

“acceptance leads to a fresh page with a myriad of opportunities to design the future” EP