“There is never a need to painstakingly colour match your hues. Using the same family of a colour in different textures creates depth and personality”
“Each home tells a story – what would you like yours to say about you?”

Design Consultation

Consultation can be carried out as a one-off single design advice meeting or as a series of meetings to tick off design decisions through a build, either in person or via video link. Your needs are assessed, and we come up with the perfect design package to fit your requirements and help you through your particular design project from start to finish.
Each meeting is followed up with a resumé of what’s been discussed and decided so that you have this to refer back to and don’t waste time re-tracing your steps.


All of our fabulous design expertise can be carried out remotely following the same lines as our Interior Design or Decoration packages.
As part of this a design pack is emailed to you with all the necessary 3D visuals and plans that you need to complete your project. Any finish and colour samples are mailed to you
We also provide ‘hints and tips’ to help you take the driving seat on completing your project with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

Design Consultation

We usually recommend meetings of no longer than 2 hours at a time in total. Each meeting will be planned and executed so that we make the most of your precious time and don’t veer off topic. We have found over the years that 2 hours is the limit after which concentration will fade!

Don’t worry, each meeting will be planned and focused to keep us on track and on brief. The aim of these meetings is to keep things simple by providing you with all the information you need to tick things off your list as we go, thereby relieving your stress and time load.


You will be asked to provide measurements of the space or spaces we will be designing. You will receive a step-by-step measuring guide and plan so that you can do this quickly and easily – all you need is a metal tape measure readily available from any DIY store. If you have any difficulty, we are at the end of a telephone to help guide you through.

We will ask you to send us photographs of your space as part of the process. You don’t need any special equipment or lighting. We will provide you with everything you need to know to email us what we need in the form of simple to follow step-by-step guides as part of our information gathering stage.

There are a number of video-call options available. We find Zoom to be the perfect tool for our video meetings as it is simple to use and install and we can share information easily with you during the course of the meetings.

Despite our expertise and best efforts, ideas, needs and wants can change through the design process and we totally understand this. We usually factor a couple of small changes into each design we do. However, for big changes there will be a small cost attached so that we are able to provide you with the best design service possible.