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Are you looking for the best Chichester interior designer for your needs?

Our design mission is to help you find your perfect happy space.

At Emma Painter Interiors we craft considered interiors that express the story of the people living in them.

Interiors that are grounded in the history of the buildings that wrap them and in touch with their locality.

Interiors that are beautifully designed, fit for purpose, hot on the detail, future-proof, and enlivened with a sense of fun.

We offer the best Chichester interior designer solutions for you and your home.

Designing YOUR home – finding your Happy Space

Emma is a firm advocate of the essential balance between beauty and functionality for every single detail of an interior.

She utilises her design DNA and honed creative vision to the max to fashion homes that are truly a reflection of the people living in them, providing beautiful and practical design solutions to suit each client’s lifestyle and build budget.

Her intuitive design approach ensures each completed interior space is a perfect fit for the lives her clients live now but also with an eye to the future; creating future-proof, expectation-exceeding spaces in which they can live their best lives, comfortably surrounded by the things they love.

This design ethos applies to each and every client in each and every home, be it a bijou pied-à-terre or large family home.

interior design company Hampshire

The wonderful thing about Chichester

Chichester may be small in comparison to other cities but it packs a big punch when it comes to its architecture and style. We love its vibrancy and wealth of history rooted in its Roman heritage and reinvented through the centuries to become the gloriously heady mix of building stock it is today. As an interior designer in Chichester Emma loves to celebrate these historic details and the history of each home whilst creating contemporary futureproof interiors that complement them. The results are unique, grounded interiors with big personality.

In the Studio

Interior design Chichester - Why choose Emma Painter Interiors?

At Emma Painter Interiors we know that cluttered mismanaged spaces are hard work to live in. It is our role as interior designers is to analyse how you use the spaces in your home in order to create functional living spaces that not only look good but work well. Under the ‘interior design’ umbrella there are a range of services that we can provide to help with the specifics of your project, providing a comprehensive package from start to finish of your design journey. In Chichester and its surrounding area there is a wealth of talent we draw on to complete each unique project. Since founding the company in 2015, Emma has filled her design book with the best local craftspeople to create stunning personalised results for her clients.

Design Detail

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If you are looking for an Interior designer in Chichester please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you so that we can work with you to create your perfect happy space.