Emma Painter Interiors provides a range of no-nonsense design solutions to guide each client through their design journey from start to finish. Great communication and regular discussion are the centre of each service provided.

Each interior is client-specific, so every proposal is tailored to provide only the interiors solutions needed to complete each individual design journey on brief and on budget.

Below are our most asked for services. All of our services can be tailored to any space, be it a single room or a whole house.


Interior Design

At Emma Painter Interiors we know that cluttered mismanaged spaces are hard work to live in.

Our role as interior designers is to analyse how you use the spaces in your home in order to create functional living spaces that not only look good but work well.

Under the ‘interior design’ umbrella there are a range of services that we can provide to help with the specifics of your project, providing a comprehensive package from start to finish of your design journey.


We provide interior decoration as part of our interior design packages but also as a stand-alone service to create an interior look that is totally yours.

Interior Styling

This is for homeowners who would like their home styled for a special event; who wish to maximise their home’s potential to enhance their day to day; or want their home camera-ready for a photo shoot or sale.

Interior Consultations & E-Design

Design consultation is invaluable if you just want to pick our design brains to find a design solution for something in your home that you’re just not feeling comfortable living with, or you need input to help you with design decisions through a build for example.

All of our fabulous design expertise can be carried out remotely following along the same lines as our Interior Design or Decoration packages.


If you are a local business who needs our help, we would love to hear from you.

We understand that this is your business and will work alongside you to get to know you, your business and what makes you and it tick. 

This enables us to provide the best service possible in line with your vision so that you can enjoy spectacular results.

our process

We have developed a way of working that ensures we provide you with an end-to-end service that will have the best possible outcome for you and your project.
Our goal is always to create the perfect interior for the life you would like to live.

1. Meet up

Renovation West Sussex

Our initial introductory meeting is held at the property linked with your design project, lasts about an hour and provides an opportunity for you to meet us and see if you feel that Emma Painter Interiors is the right fit for you and your project.

If your vision for your home is somewhat blurry at this stage it isn’t important as this is just the start, and we are excited to hear about it and to meet you.

2. Design Proposal

Post meeting you will receive a ‘plan of action’ with next steps to get you started on your design journey with Emma Painter Interiors. This will summarise the stages required to get you from A to B.
Costs will be outlined, so that you have a clear idea of the way forward and what is involved.

3. Getting Started

Renovation West Sussex

Once you have pressed the go button, Emma Painter Interiors starts the design process.

The following outlined process applies to any project however large or small:

  • Information gathering
  • Design
  • Build
  • Loose ends tidy (snagging)
  • Completion and hand over (= let the living commence!)

The one constant in any project is the regular contact you will have with Emma Painter Interiors since the best outcomes are all about communication. We are not just here to guide you, but we also have your back through the whole process. We know that any disturbance in your home life can be exciting, daunting and exhausting in equal measure, so we are your sounding board and project buffer! At the heart of what we do is our love of creating homes for individuals.